Kagaku exhibition at AMRS 2017

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We welcome you to Kagaku’s exhibition on The 9th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society (AMRS 2017), set for Gaborone in Botswana on December 11-14 2017! Staff from Kagaku will be there, featuring Hot Disk, Thermtest and Protrustech products.

AMRS Botswana

Over 500 researchers from Africa and beyond are expected to attend the conference. As a result, participants can expect a broad platform research and networking related to materials. The topics range from materials for water, via materials for energy to nanotechnology. Interesting keynote speakers are invited from international and African top universities and companies.

We expect meeting many interesting person on a market we have just begun to approach. With Kagakus wide range of scientific instruments, we are confident that we have something which can interest you and your fellow researchers. From the handheld Thermstest TLS-100 thermal conductivity meter to advanced Raman microscopes from Protrustech, we have something for every laboratory.

Thermal Conductivity

One of our strongest area of expertis is thermal conductivity, a topic closely linked to material structure and composition. This property is also of key interest for reducing energy costs and selecting building materials for a greener future. Consequently, we are proud to present a solid selection of instruments focused on this field. It ranges from portable thermal conductivity meters intended for use in the field, to innovative systems for testing liquids, traditional methods for testing thermal insulation material and finally landing in the state-of-the-art laboratory TPS instruments made by Swedish company Hot Disk.


The African-MRS was official founded in December of 2002 and subsequently AMRS conferences are arranged every second year. Each conference has so far been hosted by different African nations: South Africa (2003), Morocco (2005), Tanzania (2007), Nigeria (2009) Zimbabwe, (2011), Ethiopia (2013) and Ghana (2015).

See you in Botswana!

Are you interested in what we can offer? Come and find us in the exhibition area or contact either Dr. Cederkrantz or Mr. Dilles, who will be our representatives at the conference. We are indeed happy to set up a meeting already now!