We hold the key to the solution

Develop new materials and processes. Determine the properties of synthetic and natural materials. Put these to the test in extreme or real-life situations. It all demands ever more sophisticated synthesis tools and analytical instrumentation, and we are here to help!

At Kagaku we possess the practical skills, analytical instruments and application know-how to help R&D groups make faster and more reliable progress in a number of scientific fields. Thermal Transport Properties, advanced synthesis processes using Spark Plasma Sintering and Temperature Controlled Microscope Stages are our key areas of expertise, where we provide the best possible equipment and leading knowledge on how to utilize it.

Kagaku expands its Hot Disk Instruments reach

Building on the strengths of its long-established performance in representing the market-leading Hot Disk TPS line in China and India, Kagaku is poised this October 1 to take responsibility for new and significant commercial territories on behalf of Hot Disk AB. Working in tandem with Hot Disk’s host of skilled application engineers, we will be proud and honored to serve also the Nordic, Baltic, Iberian, and South Eastern European States, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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We Represent

We sell and support analytical and synthesis instruments for material science from global and world-leading manufacturers. Unlike many traditional scientific agents, who offer a little bit of everything, we take great care in who and what we represent. We have thus selected to work with only those companies and products which are in line with our areas of interest and expertise.

We represent our partners, mostly exclusively, in Scandinavia, Europe or the rest of the world. Should we not represent a product in your area, contact us anyway and we will make sure that you are put in contact with the relevant representative in your region of the world.