The key to the solutions

Develop new materials and processes. Determine the properties of synthetic and natural materials. Put them to the test in extreme or real-life situations. It all demands ever more sophisticated synthesis tools and analytical instrumentation, and we are here to help!

Our company possesses the practical skills, analytical instruments and application know-how to help R&D groups make faster and more reliable progress in a number of key areas.


We Represent

We sell and support analytical instruments from world-leading manufacturers. Unlike many traditional scientific agents who specialize in everything, we take great care in who and what we represent. We have thus selected only those companies and products in our areas of interest and expertise.

Within these fields, Kagaku represents several world-leading companies, mostly exclusively, in Scandinavia, Europe or the rest of the world.

Our In-house Lab

To offer our customers and partners a full range of service and support, we own a few demo units which are our key products. You are most welcome to visit our in-house lab to run demo tests of your samples, or to see the instruments for real hands-on experiences.

Hot Disk Contract Testing

We offer testing of thermal conductivity with Hot Disk instruments, in accordance with ISO 22007-2, for most types materials.

MRIX Raman microscope

Our laboratory now feature a MRIX Raman microscope with a 785 nm laser, it is ready for sample demos or contract testing.

In our Shanghai office another MRIX unit is featured. This device has a 532 nm laser.


Our SPS 211 can sinter at the same conditions as the bigger SPS can do – the limitation is only the sample size. It has a High Vacuum system (0.004 Pa), and possible to sinter in Argon or Nitrogen gases.

MultiView 2000 AFM

A Nanonics MultiView 2000 AFM is available for sample test on request.

With the fiber probe, it can also run NSOM mode to collect near field scattering photons.