We are proud and excited to introduce the new Japanese SUGA SPS 2000 to the European market – a giant leap in the development of SPS technology. With the SPS 2000 several brand-new features take materials research to new heights and offer new possibilities.

NEWWe are happy to announce new video presentations of the SUGA SPS 2000 with expert Dr. Lars Hälldahl. The sequence can be found via the YouTube playlist below. Alternately, single videos may be accessed further down on the present page, via the Video demonstrations link under the “Table of Contents” banner.


The first generation of SPS sintering technology was introduced to Europe in 1998, with Stockholm University in Sweden being the first customer. Over the years there have been a number of significant development steps based on the first design: most importantly, a new Pulse generator technology and an additional new method to generate Force have been developed, which has allowed for more flexible and cost-effective systems. Developments within electronics, computers and programming have made the operation and control of SPS apparatus much easier and safer.

Unique New Features

Now, in addition to the functions of a conventional SPS systems, the SPS 2000 offers a range of new and unique control-of-operation features:

  • Selectable pre/post-sintering process modes: additional modes for controlling the sintering process.
  • De-gassing mode: de-gassing of impurities in powders by using vacuum and heating during additional steps inside the SPS chamber before sintering starts.
  • Rapid cooling mode: a new cooling mechanism that blows cooling gas onto the die after sintering.
  • Selectable Wave Forms: in addition to DC Pulse now also Continuous DC and Full Wave DC.
  • Fine force control down to 200 N allows for very small sample sizes of expensive and/or hard-to-produce powders.
  • High vacuum to 0.0005 Pa with Diffusion or Turbomolecular pumps.


Selectable pre/post sintering process modes

In addition to the regular sintering control, the following modes can be selected and automatically controlled in a series of operations (read further under “De-gassing mode” and “Rapid cooling mode”):


De-gassing mode

SPS 2000 is the only SPS system that incorporates the DEGAS mode (powder cleaning step):

Rapid cooling mode

Rapid cooling of die/punch/sample after sintering:

Selectable Wave Forms

Originally SPS technology operated with ON/OFF pulses, which could trigger sparks between powder grains. This is the fundamental principle of the success of SPS over conventional sintering techniques.

Now our SPS 2000 introduces two new waveforms: Continuous DC and Full Wave DC. In short this means that the second half of each period, which is negative in voltage sign, is inverted to positive voltage. Initial experiments indicate that this gives a new tool to fine tune optimal parameters for high entropy materials, for example mixtures of many different types of powders.

Block diagram


DC Pulse Generator Upgrade

The SPS 2000 is easily upgraded to higher sintering power. The pulse generator can add modules of 500 A up to a maximum of 3000 A. The internal design is ready-made for the highest current: bus-bars, cables, connectors or other components do not need to be changed.

Overview of features


Model SPS 2000-3T SPS 2000-5T SPS 2000-7T
Max. pressure 30kN 50kN 70kN
Min. pressure 0.2kN (20kgf)
SPS current 1000A 2000A 3000A
Stroke 150mm (open height: 200mm)
Max. temperature 2500°C (working temp. 2200°C)
Pressurization system AC Servo motor
DC Pulse control ON/1~999ms OFF/1~99ms
Vacuum chamber Rectangular-shaped water-cooled system
Vacuum speed 2Pa / 5 min
Weight Main unit 600kg 725kg 850kg
RP pump 27kg
Max. output of DC pulse generator can be increased in increments of 500A as an option up to 3000A
High vacuum DP (Diffusion Pump) ≦ 5 × 10−4 Pa
TMP (Turbo molecular pump)
Radiation thermometer For temperatures above 600°C
PC for data logger Windows notebook with mounting arm
Chiller for cooling water
Model SPS 2000-3T SPS 2000-5T SPS 2000-7T
SPS current (standard) 1000A 2000A 3000A
Rated input Power supply 3 ϕ 200/380/400/480±10%  50/60Hz
18.2kVA 32.2kVA 46.2kVA
Input cable Length: 5m (User’s side is unconnected)
Exhaust duct Port NW25(KF25) Flange
Required space
(inclusive of maintenance space)
W1300×D1600×H2500 mm
Cooling water Water amount ≧10L/min
Supply pressure 0.2~0.3MPa
(back pressure ≦ 0.05Mpa)
Temp. 15~30°C
Port. Rc3/8
Compressed air Supply pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Port Rc1/8

Video Demonstrations

A series of three video demonstrations of the SUGA SPS 2000, with Dr. Lars Hälldahl, PhD.

1. SUGA SPS 2000 – Introduction

2. SUGA SPS 2000 – Chamber demonstration

3. SUGA SPS 2000 – Touch panel demonstration

4. SUGA SPS 2000 – The degassing function

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