New strategic partnership with flucon


Kagaku Analys AB is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with flucon fluid control GmbH, one of the most dedicated and outstanding scientific equipment manufacturers in the field of fluids analysis. Kagaku, becoming the exclusive distributor in the Nordic and Baltic countries for flucon products LAMBDA and EPSILON+, starting from December 1st, 2022, will also extend their sales and services to potential markets such as North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. With our well-established experience with leading Hot Disk AB instruments, we believe that we can provide more technical options and bring further flexibility to our clients within the field of thermal transport property measurement, as aided by flucon.

Flucon and Hot Disk share the distinction of being original developers of their respective technologies. Rare in today’s analysis environment, they also share deep scientific backgrounds at cutting-edge research level. Flucon and Hot Disk are furthermore fully family-owned, spanning generations of singular dedication to performance and quality. Kagaku is therefore pleased to integrate the flucon instrument portfolio into its extant Hot Disk line.

A product page of flucon instruments will shortly be launched on the Kagaku homepage. Please stay tuned!