Kagaku Partners with SUGA: Introducing the New SPS 2000

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Kagaku is pleased to partner with Japanese SUGA, in a joint mission to serve our clients with the most innovative and reliable SPS technology available. We here showcase SUGA’s new SPS 2000, which brings with it a range of innovative features. All are geared toward making your research and manufacture as flexible and easy to perform as possible.

The SUGA-Kagaku Collaboration

Kagaku has successfully served the European SPS market and beyond for over twenty years. Thanks to the efforts of our senior advisor Dr. Lars Hälldahl and his assistants, we now have a wide range of client and industry contacts, as well as a depth of knowledge regarding demonstrations and applications of SPS technology. We look ahead with confidence at pairing with top-grade Japanese SPS manufacturer SUGA in launching their new SPS 2000.

Introduction of the SPS 2000

SUGA is introducing a completely novel SPS concept this summer of 2020 – a new generation succeeding the production line that has been market-leading to date. SUGA’s new SPS 2000 brings with it a range of innovative and user-beneficial features, some of which are:

  • A very small Footprint, saving valuable lab space (asking about 50% of the previous bench-top series’ space requirement).
  • An amply spacious and easy-to-access Chamber, now with a separate window for the Pyrometer.
  • Modular Pulse Generators in Units of 500 A, which are conveniently ramped up from 500 A to 3000A in steps of 500 A, without any further changes in the system necessary (Bus Bar and other components designed for highest current at delivery).
  • Upgradable Force to apply on the dies, from initial 20 kN to 70 kN in steps.
  • Direct Connection to 3-phase 400 V power supply. No separate transformer needed. Saves space and cost.
  • Selectable Wave Forms to further increase the parameters to optimise sintering conditions. DC pulses on/off in unlimited combinations, Continuous DC and a new Full Wave technology (Option).
  • High Vacuum Option (<0.005 Pa) with Diffusion or Turbo molecular pumps.
  • Capability for Flash SPS.
  • Force applied by servo motor, allowing very fine control also in the lower ranges (from 200 N)
  • Modern Touch Panel Control system with space for up to 30 pre-set programs. Combined with data logging for recording all parameters of interest.
  • Rapid Cooling mode is selectable for the appropriate material to shorten the cycle time

SUGA has since long developed and commercialized dry powder coating devices, which in combination with SPS can contribute to the development of new materials. SUGA therefore simultaneously introduces a new concept of treating powders with ALD (Atomic Layering Deposition) or Sputtering System with the SPS 2000. This helpfully allows the user to deposit a layer of ceramic on a metal powder for intimate mixing before sintering.

The very first, inaugural SUGA SPS 2000 will be installed at Kagaku’s premises in Gothenburg, Sweden. From here we will organise webinars, video conferences and of course personal, hands-on demo visits in due course.

You are cordially welcome to contact us for further information.


Download (pdf, 112kB):

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ANNOUNCEMENT & INTRODUCTION of SPS 2000 and SUGA-Kagaku Collaboration, April 20, 2020