Introduction of Johan Lindgren


It is our great pleasure to inform you that Kagaku Analys AB now will strengthen our service and support capability by signing on our former colleague Johan Lindgren to take on these responsibilities.

Johan has long and deep experience of our SPS machines, starting with the first SPS 515 that was CE- marked for Europe in 2001, and sold to Max Planck Dresden. This SPS was installed firstly in our Uppsala office and then tested and adjusted under the auspices of Johan. He also took part in the installation of the first SPS to France, at the University of Toulouse, in 2004, and several installations following upon these during the intervening twenty years and more. During recent years Johan has been working intensively to support a start-up company in Uppsala in another field. This commitment is now finished, and Johan will again devote more time and effort to SPS. He has recently undergone on-the-job training with Suga engineers on the most recent SPS models.

Johan has a formal academic background (BSc from Uppsala University) in mechanical- and electrical engineering, as well as considerable experience in the electronics and vacuum technology fields.

We are convinced that Johan will improve our service and support to all our existing and new SPS customers.

Johan can be contacted via Kagaku Analys AB, but also directly at


Introducing Johan Lindgren