Kagaku: Material Science & Analysis

With qualified instrumentation and ready assistance secured, Kagaku’s clients are uniquely positioned to develop new materials and processes. Whether tasked to determine the properties of synthetic or natural materials; to test samples in extreme or real-life situations; or to effectuate quality control, they can proceed rapidly and with confidence. Kagaku possesses the practical skills, analytical instruments and application know-how to help R&D groups make faster and more reliable progress in a number of key areas. By working with carefully chosen suppliers, and by training its staff regularly to new features and testing scenarios, Kagaku offers comprehensive material-analysis solutions for chemistry- and materials sectors across the globe.

Kagaku: History

Kagaku Analys AB was inaugurated in 1990, when its founder, Dr. Lars Hälldahl, worked as Scientific Attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. The initially strong connection to Japan led to Kagaku’s original business idea: to bring Japanese instruments to the Nordic and European markets, while in return offering top-notch Swedish instruments – saliently the Hot Disk TPS line – to Japan. The connection was also reflected in the company name. Kagaku in Japanese connotes chemistry and science, and so encapsulates Kagaku’s twin philosophy: successful science via human chemistry.

Today Kagaku has broadened its outlook to represent high-quality technical suppliers from many parts of the world. It maintains laboratories in connection to its branch office in Uppsala, as well as at its head office at the Chalmers Science Park in Gothenburg, both major cities in Sweden. Here users’ meetings and training sessions are held, as well as regular contractual testing and instrument demonstrations. To meet the increasing demand for qualified technology in the wider world, Kagaku has also established daughter companies in Shanghai and Delhi, serving the Chinese and Indian markets respectively. It has thus consolidated and expanded its Asian outreach to the three biggest markets in the region.